BELGRADE, Serbia, Aug. 23 (UPI) — A gay rights organization has accused Serbian politicians of inciting violence against the gay community through statements made about a planned pride parade.

The Gay-Lesbian Info Center says Police Minister Ivica Dacic, Belgrade City Mayor Dragan Djilas and Jagodina City Mayor Dragan Markovic Palma have made comments that may endanger the lives of gay citizens, Blic reported.

“Claims by Ivica Dacic that the police shall not secure the Pride Parade and that serious incidents during that manifestation are possible are giving us reason for concern that the Home Ministry had done nothing over that issue in recent twelve months. We appeal on politicians in Serbia to be careful about their statements over the Pride Parade and not to encourage violence in the streets of Belgrade,” GLIC said in a press release.

In response to the press release, Dacic said: “My job as the Home Minister is to take care over security. I am only pointing out at security risks and it is on the Government to decide.”

Markovic said: “I am only voicing my stance. I do not see what rights of homosexuals are endangered. They are not fighting for normal human rights.”

GLIC contends the officials “are actually exposing citizens to risk and encouraging hooligans to repeat violence against the LGBT population.”